The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse

Fighting for the silver chariot of the parking lot.
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  • winter blues

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  • on Target

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  • This Cart is Ready for its Closeup

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    Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road” is a story of love, hope and armageddon. The film adaptation of the book arrives shortly, bringing audiences the chance to see the biggest surprise of the season – the lead role is played by a shopping cart. Viggo Mortensen plays a father trying to protect his son in a post-apocalyptic world. Kodi Smit-McPhee is the son choosing between the love of his father and the opportunity to be raised by bears. But it is the shopping cart, played by a shopping cart, that is the focus of the story. Using an artful mix of understatement and wheel squeaking we sense the emotions of the cart as it must lead the two humans down a bear highway, through a bear hamlet and over a bear pass. In one heart-wrenching scene the cart befriends a narcoleptic cub abandoned by its bear tribe. When the cart must choose between cub love and taking the father and son to safety the cart reluctantly continues the journey with its human charges, brushing the fur of the sleeping cub as it moves on.

    For anyone looking for a holiday film with shopping carts, stark landscapes, facial hair and bears “The Road” delivers.

  • carts by castle

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  • A Bin Filled with Dreams

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  • Lewis and Cart

    Posted on August 26th, 2009 luke 1 comment

    Have you ever been in a grocery store aisle and thought this would be a great place to make camp? Or you’ve been in the great outdoors and thought how much simpler life would be with a shopping cart around. It looks like artist Kevin Cyr has your number.

    camper kart

    Inspired by the bucolic Brooklyn countryside Mr. Cyr has created a proof of concept that combines America’s two greatest treasures – the natural landscape and shopping. The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse is impressed with the innovation of this project, we look forward to s’more.

  • Working at the Cart Wash

    Posted on August 24th, 2009 luke 1 comment

    A new system helps your shopping cart feel like four-wheeled princess by giving it a shower before letting it stroll down the aisle.

  • CartTunes

    Posted on July 26th, 2009 luke No comments

    Sing the song of cart love!

  • MIT Students Discover How to Get Credit for Slapping Together a Frankencart

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    Their peers persevere with projects helping send rockets to the moon and allowing disabled people to get out of the way quicker, but a special group of MIT students are collaborating on a project to stick a lawn mower engine on a shopping cart. The project has been dubbed LOLrioKart – honoring the intrepid Dr. Klaus Spaten von LOLrioKart, a scientist in the former East German Republic who first theorized about welding lawn machinery to shopping carts. The video below shoes a test run on the culmination of this work.

  • In Memoriam: David Carradine, Friend of the Shopping Cart

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    They were known on the street as the Silly Funny Goof Gang. But this puerile moniker cloaked a nefarious assemblage of ruffians who for years terrorized shopping carts on Chicago’s west side. It was early winter 2008, however, as they prepared for their annual Silly Funny Goof Gang Cart Kickaround, that their destructive reign was bitch-slapped into oblivion.

    Enter David Carradine. In the last photo taken of the Silly Funny Goof Gang the members are shown giving their secret gang sign to the camera. In the background Mr. Carradine looks on. What followed was described by spectators as a blur of bright cotton and blood.

    David Carradine was an unsung hero who vigilantly battled shopping cart abusers wherever they practiced their dark art. For years he walked the blacktop quietly dispensing justice to those who menaced our four wheel friends. He was a friend to the cart, The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse salutes him.


    A shopping cart abuser masquerading as a peasant leads a shopping cart to would-be doom. In the background David Carradine plays his song of peace moments before unleashing kung fu justice.

    A shopping cart abuser masquerading as a peasant leads a shopping cart to would-be doom. In the background David Carradine plays his song of peace moments before unleashing kung fu justice.