Fighting for the silver chariot of the parking lot.
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  • The Composter

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    There are some who consider destructive acts a legitimate tactic in the fight for environmental concerns. There are some who associate consumerism with environmental degradation. There are some who feel the Shopping Cart is the ultimate symbol of consumerism. And there is one who considers the destruction of Shopping Carts his destiny as an eco-warrior.

    Like most Shopping Cart abusers The Composter claims his actions are legitimate in the light of a higher calling. Unlike most abusers, he believes it. In earlier times he focused on Wyoming’s endangered Spotted Woodchuck. His campaign there – “Hey Logger, Wood You Reconsider?” – was well organized but ultimately unsuccessful. After the extinction of the Spotted Woodchuck it became time for The Composter to move on.

    Through a mixture of beliefs in environmentalism, numerology and libertarianism he decided to focus on the Shopping Cart. The premise has been simple, take the “ultimate symbol of environmental destruction” and return it to the earth. The Composter steals a Cart, performs a series of rituals and then “reunites it with Terra Mother”.

    Though structural degradation takes thousands of years the social degradation happens right away. The Composter always claims the moral highground but he still faces an uphill battle. We have recovered many of his victims and repurposed them. But like a focused squirrel The Composter continues on. It is up to all of us to break his cycle of destruction.

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