Fighting for the silver chariot of the parking lot.
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  • Shopper X


    As warm and huggable as he may seem up close, Shopper X is a cold-blooded shopping cart abuser.

    Current Rank: 10

    They say Shopper X likes to keep his eyes covered while on the prowl because he navigates by sense of smell, triangulating on the effervescent longtitude of grocery store owner trust and the odiferous latitude of his dysfunctional upbringing.

    Shopper X is engaged in a personal battle against what he refers to as “myopic dystopian consumerism”. There is no greater joy to him than turning a popular shopping item – a laptop computer, glazed ham or vacuum cleaner – against a cart. He is respected in Shopping Cart Abuser circles for his innovative use of props in Smash Rituals.

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