Fighting for the silver chariot of the parking lot.
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  • Incident Report #45ICU9B728

    cartdirtOutside of Furno, Pisonus a Shopping Cart has been placed on top of a pile of dirt.

    DETAIL: Pisonus is a small nation next to Niltola. A ten year drought has created a devastating famine. A civil war has ripped through the countryside pitting famished neighbor against famished neighbor. Recent seismic activity indicates a large volcano in the center of this nation will violently erupt this year. Add to this someone has placed a Shopping Cart on top of a pile of dirt. This was the only Shopping Cart at Pisonus’ only supermarket. No one has been found who has the strength to bring it back.

    PROFILE: Suspects have been rounded up and have been sentenced to be thrown in the volcano. Help by petitioning Amnesty International to leave this one alone so that justice may be served.

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