Fighting for the silver chariot of the parking lot.
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  • Incident Report #329IOU8826

    cartcuzziThis Shopping Cart was found abandoned in a hot tub in San Jose, California.

    DETAIL: Metal Shopping Carts and hot bubbling water do not mix. To a supermarket a corroded Shopping Cart can be thrown in the same pile as no-armed bag boys. Abuses like this tend to be the work of drunken hooligans or scorned lovers. There were no alcohol bottles or soccer balls recovered at the scene, so the focus of our investigation is shifting toward the scorned lover theory. A notable piece of evidence was the family’s pet rabbit found with the cart in the hot, bubbling water.

    PROFILE: We are looking for an angry female in her 40’s, jaded disposition, takes the smother approach to relationships and probably not a member of PETA.

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