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  • A New Line in the Family Tree

    Posted on April 4th, 2009 luke 2 comments

    upcartThe shopping cart has been slow to change over the decades, mostly because the current form offers most everything a person needs – strength, mobility, shine. The UpCart from industrial designer Evan Gurgui presents itself as an evolutionary leap for the shopping cart. Swiveling baskets allow segregation of grocery items, staid crackers can be kept away from uppity cookies. An additional benefit is the exercise children can get climbing up the UpCart. The new kid in the aisle will have trial runs in local markets later this year.

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    2 responses to “A New Line in the Family Tree”

    1. Sorry but as an Industrial Design student, I can see that this is not even a feasible and practical idea for a grocery gathering device. First of all, that tall coatrack- like structure looks unstable and can easily topple over with heavy items on one side of it. Second, why would anyone want to drag some gathering device such as that one along the stem of it. That is just uncomfortable. Third, did I mention that looks like it can easily topple over! That “cart” would make an excellent display rack, but that’s about it. I can’t see that working and the person who came up with this needs to get back to the “drawing board”.

    2. Yes, this is one of those “haut couture” that look innovative and bright but are totally useless in daily life.

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