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  • We Got You Covered, Baby

    Posted on March 8th, 2009 luke No comments

    51trjihbgl_sl500_aa280_Have an infant? Go grocery shopping? The fine folks at My Baby Shopping Cart Covers have what you need. Though we tend to think of shopping carts as the cradle of civilization, they are not necessarily the best cradle for you baby. These puffy inserts score a ten for utility and an eleven for bling. As you glide leisurely down the aisles you may spy other parents dosing their babies with Nyquil to stop the crying. You could not be more at peace. You’re on a zen walkabout with a grocery checklist and ten pounds of fabric stuffed into wire mesh. When you have reached the end of your journey the insert slides neatly from the cart, baby and all, ready to be tossed into your car.


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